Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wonder-Fall Colors

                                           Photograps courtesy of  Chuck Place Photography

     There is just something about this season and the abundence of fall colors that put my mind at ease and place a song in my heart. My favorite colors are those that absorb natures true beauty, especially during the harvest season where the Santa Ynez Valley becomes a truly magical place.
      I also believe that this season calls for a home decore make-over. Try to stay away from the basic color palette this season and spruse up your dear casa with a few colors that will be sure to make this season come to life for you and your family. So spoil your home with a bit of avocodo green, burnt orange, saffron yellow, chili red, and tan. Also, if you are feeling a bit frisky try adding a few accent colors such as a bright teal or country copper. Enjoy... home is where the heart is. xo

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